When tragedies strike... we’re your go-to resource for Mass Casualty Incident Trailers.

Custom MCI Trailers

EMS, fire and hospitals have the difficult task of being prepared for mass casualties. At Southeastern Emergency Equipment, we provide you with custom designed mass casualty trailers that give you the best solution for mitigation, portability, rapid deployment and storage. We customize our trailers and equipment to fit your specific needs. Utilizing the very best in materials, we carefully design each trailer to make the most of the space available. Our expertise includes command units, haz-mat, shelter support units, kitchen/canteen, mortuary units, mass casualties, decon, surge capacity and EMS training trailers.

Southeastern has been providing emergency medical supplies and equipment for more than 25 years and now ambulances, decon and mass casualty equipment. Call us today, and we will help you select and purchase the best equipment to meet your needs.


At Southeastern Emergency Equipment, we understand that planning for a catastrophic event can be challenging and overwhelming. At Southeastern, our MCI trailers are custom made to best meet your organization’s needs and are built and stocked to accommodate anywhere from 25 to 250 patients. Our 20', 50 patient trailers can accommodate up to 50 trauma patients or 300 walking wounded. Our 24', 100 patient trailers can accommodate up to 100 trauma patients or 600 walking wounded.

All of Southeastern Emergency Equipment’s trailers include:

•    Incident command module
•    IV supplies
•    Trauma supplies
•    Immobilization
•    Splinting
•    Diagnostic equipment
•    Infection control
•    Blankets
•    Oxygen equipment
•    Oxygen supplies
•    Miscellaneous supplies
•    Emergency lights & power
•    Suction equipment
•    Portable oxygen system
•    Trailer and custom interior
•    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

For a list of equipment, please call us at 800-334-6656

Our 20’ - 50 patient and 24’ –100 patient trailers feature:

•    Overall trailer width - 8'6"
•    Overall height - 8'4"
•    Interior width - 8'
•    Interior width between wheel wells - 6'9"
•    Interior height – 84"
•    Ball height - 20"
•    Rear door will be a 4500lb recessed spring assisted ramp
•    Rear door width - 88"
•    Rear door height - 79"
•    Axles will be double or triple 5200lb dexter rubber torsion with electric brakes on all wheels
•    Axles will have a 5 year warranty
•    Trailer will be equipped with breakway switch and battery
•    Frame will be double 6" I-beam the entire length of the trailer
•    Tires will be Goodyear 75R15 load range D
•    Wheels will be 6 lug white steel
•    Hitch ball size will be 2 5/16"
•    Payload capacity will be approximately 10,000lb before being coupled to tow vehicle
•    Floor cross members will be 16" on center
•    Floor will consist of 3⁄4" exterior grade
•    Wall studs will be of hatpost design
•    Wall studs will be 16" on center
•    Walls will consist of 3/8" plywood
•    Sidewalls will be of dustproof design
•    Ceiling cross members will be 16" on center
•    Ceiling cross members will be of tubular design
•    Roof will be one piece
•    Roof will be sealed with high tech self-leveling adhesive
•    Trailer top wrap will be integrated into frame structure to provide extra rigidity
•    Exterior metal will be .030 Thickness
•    Fenders will be aluminum
•    Rear ramp will be secured with bar locks and cam locks
•    Trailer frame will be acid phosphate washed before it is primed and painted with premium quality paint
•    Side door will be 24" from corner
•    All side door entrance steps will be constructed of galveneal, which will prevent rusting
•    Exterior fasteners will have long lasting coating (t1000)
•    All 12volt wiring will be routed through inner walls of trailer
•    All 12volt wiring will be fused in an abs plastic junction box
•    All brake connections will be in weatherproof shrink wrapping
•    Exterior 12volt clearance and tail lights will each be semi-trailer quality dealer units
•    Weatherstrip will be automotive D-bulb type
•    Bogey wheels on rear of trailer
•    30Amp or 50Amp110v breaker box with twist-lock shoreline inlet
•    One 110v interior outlets
•    Two 4' flush mounted fluorescent lights 110v
•    Two 12volt scene lights on rear
•    Corner post drop down jacks
•    Extended tongue
•    Six 12volt interior dome lights
•    One 12volt wall switch for scene lights
•    Rhino floor and rear door
•    One 110volt wall switch
•    Finished interior walls and ceiling


Cargo Nets
We manufacture our cargo nets in house so that every net is customized for each trailer. Nets are constructed of 1" black nylon webbing with a tensile strength of 600lbs. Webbing is run vertical and horizontal and spaced every 5" apart. Each intersection is sewn with box style stitching using automated machines.
Nets can be rolled up and fastened with velcro. Cargo nets are held in place with six (6) quick style fasteners. This eliminates the need for straps to hold your equipment in place.

Backboard Rack
Our backboard racks are constructed from .125 Thickness and 3003- H22 diamond plate. Our backboard racks are designed to hold backboards in the vertical position. No straps are needed making it safe and quick to deploy. All legs and braces are mig welded.

Shelving and Braces
All shelving is constructed from .188 Thickness and 3003-H14ME alloy smooth aluminum. Vertical and horizontal legs and braces are constructed from .125 Thickness and 3003-H22 diamond plate. All legs and braces are mig welded on the top and on the bottom of each shelf. Each shelf has a 1⁄2" lip with trim-loc on lip. Each shelf is covered with a mil-spec rubber ribbed matting.

Triage Containers
•    Resistant to rust, corrosion and temperatures from 0F to 120F•    70lb load capacity
•    Easy stack-n-nest design
•    Security holes in lid
•    21.5"l x 19"w x 13"d (inside dimensions)
•    Colors: red, yellow, green, blue and clear